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Sliwo Lighting Co., Ltd.'s Images. 12v dc input fluorescent lamp ballast,AC ballast for solar lighting,lighting fixture,dc energy saving ballast,T5 light fixture
12v dc ballast dc fluoresent lighting fixture ,AC ballast T5 fixture for industry control lighting,dc ballast
12vdc input fluorescent lamp ballast,AC ballast for solar lighting,AC BALLAST,T5 light fixture,eneryg saving lamp,lighting fixture
12VDC electronic ballast dc fluorescent light,AC BALLAST,T5 light fixture,eneryg saving lamp,lighting fixture
2U,3U,4U shapes, Globe Shape, 5W-30W
SLiWO designed a very high efficient line of electronic ballasted 12 V DC compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). Preheating, high electronic efficiency and low thermal losses increase the lifetime of the CFL to more than 100.000 on / off switching cycles. The SLiWO CFLs show much higher lumen efficiencies (lm/W) compared to LED or incandescent lamps. 
Features :
*brightness comparable with an incandescent bulb using 5 times its 
  eletricity; For exmaple, light output of an 11 W CFL is comparable 
  with a 60 W incandescent bulb
* saves up to 80 % of energy compared to an incandescent bulb
* high reliabilty of more than 100.000 on / off switching cycles
* 8000 Hours reliable operatio,several years of operation in the field
* easy to install by a E27 or bayonet B22 socket
* compact & robust product design
12 VDC High Efficient Electronic Ballast for solar lighting systems
For T4,T5,T8,T9,T10,T12 fluorescent bulbs or PL CFL bulbs, 4W-40W
SLiWO manufactures DC inverter ballasts with IC control circuit. Two transistors with the controlling IC push-pull switching changes the low voltage DC source into high voltage, sinusoidal AC power (20-30khz) to start and operate the fluorescent lamp. The ballast is inherently more efficient since the ballast output voltage is sufficient to start the lamp instantly and the lamp cathodes are not continuously supplied with power to keep them heated. Most suitable for solar lighting projects & OEM applications.
Sepcifications :
Input voltage: 12VDC (24 or 42vdc)
Low Wattage: 5W~11W
High Wattage: 13W~40W

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Super Bright LED Bulb Lamp led lighting Best Choice for LED Retrofit
Sliwo LED bulb incorporates super bright high power LED as light source, which is stable, long life and UV & IR emission free. High-performance thermal heat sink shell and special heat conducting adhesive contribute to the high lighting efficiency. This line of LED replacement bulbs provide the same or even better quantity and quality of light produced by traditional incandescent and halogen lamps while consuming much less electricity.

The Sliwo LED Bulbs are ideal for various applications including general lighting and decoration lighting. They are particularly suitable for public areas such as lobbies, corridors, stairwells, where the light is always on.

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SLiWO Aluminum Extrusion service,quality aluminum extrusion

The art of Aluminum Extrusion.

Aluminum extrusions can be turned into a limitless number of shapes, colours, finishes and ultimately, aluminum products. And turning aluminum into ideas has been our business for over 10 years.

Innovative R&D and Single Source manufacturing allow us to create everything from the efficient production of simple aluminum extrusion to the infinite detail of custom finished anodized aluminum products. Customers choose SLiWO Aluminum Extrusion because we deliver industry- leading aluminum extrusion service with powerful business innovation.

If you're looking for world-class quality Aluminum Extrusion, please contact us to find out more.

SLiWO produces according to customers samples or drawings, turing out high quality aluminum extrusion products ideal for lighting, building, electrical, cars, airplanes and other industry or commercial applications.

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  • led;led lighting;dc ballast;energy saving lamp;compact fluorescent lamp;Aluminum Extrusion;led bulb;lighting fixture;t5 light fixture;celing lamp;lamp;bulb
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